Cabinet Knobs and Pulls – A New Look For Your Kitchen Cabinets!

Your kitchen cabinets may appear to be a bit dull these days but this doesn’t mean that you have to completely remove them just because you don’t like their lifeless appeal. There are times when a good coat of paint and new cabinet knobs and pulls are enough to bring them life back and the entire kitchen as well which will surely make you enjoy working in this area every day.

Kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls that are being sold in hardware stores come in different designs, shapes, sizes, colors, and materials which means that you need to take a few minutes of your time to take a closer look. If you are after a more traditional appeal to your cabinets, you might want to get that antique style hardware for your cabinets or those bronzed and copper colored knobs and pulls if you prefer. For a more modern touch, satin nickel cabinet pulls as well as stainless steel cabinet pulls are worth looking into.

The shape of the handles for your cabinets are definitely worth considering. Some are round in shape while others are diamond or square in shape. As for the pulls, they can be shaped like a semi- circle or even a bar as well. With so many options out there for you to choose from for your kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls it won’t take you too long to get your hands on some of the best designs there are.

As for the color of the handles, it is entirely up to you. Whether you want something traditional or new age, choose the color that suits your preferences. If, on the other hand, you can’t seem to find what you are looking for, then why not consider customizing your own kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls? There are several hardware stores that provide this type of service so you can get some unique hardware pieces to install on your kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls will definitely add more appeal to your cabinets whether they are in your kitchen, in the bathroom or anywhere in your home. Easy to install and easy to maintain, you can breathe life back to your lifeless furniture without spending thousands of dollars at all.

You can take a look at what hardware stores have in store for you in terms of cabinet knobs and pulls but you will not find a large selection. The best place to search for the right one that will fit the theme you have in mind for your kitchen cabinet is on the Internet. You will also be able to buy them at discount prices!

Ready To Assemble Kitchen Cabinets

The most important advantage of a ready- to- assemble kitchen cabinet is the ease and convenience of purchase and installation. These are generally available at most of the large stores. They come in simple designs, with a wood construction and a melamine finish, with steel drawers. These models have the added advantage of being economical as well.

It is possible to create a more personalized space using semi-stock cabinets. Unfortunately, they take longer to be delivered. The home centers display the semi-custom cabinets in their show rooms. The staff designers also help the customers to visualize their kitchen needs and the space available. These semi-stock cabinets offer more space and utility in-stock cabinets and hence, they are costlier. They also offer more features in their designs, like plate racks, corner cupboards, sliding shelves and pantries. Oak, maple, cherry and hickory are the popular wood varieties that are used for making cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets are also used to create more counter space, store food products, hide appliances and display silverware. The homeowner can decide on the necessity for overtop storage space for dishes or pull out drawers, underneath the stove, for pots and pans. This is possible in semi-stock cabinets.

The cabinets come in standard sizes and the drawers and are generally built to industry specifications. Some manufacturers customize a semi-stock cabinet, allowing the buyer to decrease the depth of a base or wall cabinet. Bright colored cabinets add to the overall look of the kitchen.

The kitchen cabinets are readily available in-stock stores. The homeowner also has the choice of surfing the net and getting several designs and the comparative rates of various models. It should be ensured that the cabinet has storage space to meet the requirement and the drawers should have the capacity to store the necessary cooking utensils.

Choosing a Color For Your Kitchen Cabinet Design

Kitchen cabinets are one of the leading investments you make in the interior of your home. And, kitchen cabinets set the tone for the rest of your interior decor. There are many types of building materials, styles and finishes to choose from.

There are amazing numbers of kitchen cabinets available in the market with different designs and styles. You will also get cabinets in uncompleted form and at very good discount. Mainly the selling of kitchen cabinets is accompanied with lot of offers. Do your range first and then go with the additional works as painting, changing doors, and addition of hardware which is also easier for you also. Generally people think that discount cabinets are of lower quality product, and available at low price but this not true regarding discount cabinets. Before selecting discount kitchen cabinets you should follow few instructions that can help you.

Spot the overall style or decorating design for the kitchen. Keep this style in mind when selecting the cabinets. for finding cabinets exploration in some magazines related with home decor. Oak and cherry are favourite hardwoods. Signs of quality cabinets are particle that matches from piece to piece and furniture-quality finishes. But go for an low-priced yet powerful wood when choosing your discount kitchen cabinets. Hickory, alder and maple are usually cheaper than oak and cherry cabinets. Walnut and bamboo are among the most expensive wood cabinets.

The cheapest wood cabinets are not solid wood, they are particle board, and composite wood and Thermo foil cabinets. However, these cheaper cabinets do not have the longevity of solid wood. Peek within cabinets. Most stock and semi custom units use solid wood merely for the exposed frame, doors and drawers. Even high-end cabinets may include particleboard or veneer-covered plywood inside. Both are less likely to warp than solid wood, and can be stained or painted.One way to obtain discount kitchen cabinets that don’t cost too greater is to order cabinets that aren’t perfect. Slight stained kitchen cabinets can save you thousands of dollars on kitchen cabinets. you can easily repair existing cabinets just putting putty or painting your existing cabinets.

Choose your cabinet hardware that best fits your decorating needs and budget. It may come down to best price or the lowest price for the hardware you like the most. It’s a personal and budgetary preference. Remember to check sizes if you’re replacing existing drawer pulls or any hardware that has two screws. Measure the distance between the holes on your drawer or door, and then appear for a centre to centre measurement that matches on the hardware you want to purchase.

Antique Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware is an important detail to complete the beauty of your home. There are many varieties of cabinet hardware available on the market, and you can choose whatever fits your taste and style. Antique cabinet hardware is very popular, but is usually expensive. However, a collection of antique pieces would give your kitchen a certain artistic flair.

There are two basic aspects to a cabinet style: the structure and the look of the hardware used to compliment the cabinet. For example, if you have a cabinet of antique design and style then you can choose brushed-finish hardware.

A common antique style of cabinet can have a face frame with a brushed or a polished brass finish, and hardware complimenting the same. Antique copper, polished chrome, polished sterling, nickel, or aged bronze are some finishes used to complete a traditional and antique piece.

From the wide range of antique hardware available in the market, you can choose a decorative cast-iron vernacular cabinet latch, or slide-style cabinet latch. These are made of solid brass and are among the most decorative features of vintage furniture. They add a classic look to the furniture.

Suppliers of antique hardware boast of the uniqueness of the pieces they carry. They pick up these pieces from various places and try to collect a genuine antique piece. They hunt for genuine antiques from auctions, demolitions, and the like and, since these pieces are rare and much in demand, the prices are kept high.

Since an original antique piece is expensive, these suppliers sometimes make and sell reproductions. These kinds of piece are available in market and are bought by many people as the prices are much lower than the original piece. However, when purchasing an antique piece, one should make sure it is authentic.

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